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Kyler Industries' Screenline system features an integral venetian blind encapsulated in insulated glass. This blind system allows venetian blinds to be placed inside a sealed insulated glass unit and operated externally with no intrusion of the perimeter seal of the insulated glass unit.

The Screenline system can typically be used in conjunction with most conventional glazing systems. This includes interior and exterior applications.

Typical applications would be:

  • Wood frames
  • Hollow metal steel frames
  • Commercial aluminum frames (storefront and curtainwall)
  • Doors - wood, steel, aluminum

The Screenline system can be utilized in virtually any framing system that can accomodate an overal glass thickness of 1" to 1 1/4".

The screenline system features a minimum airspace thickness of  3/4". The overall minimum unit thickness is 1" (utilizing 1/8" inboard and outboard glass). See glass section for available glazing options


IG Blind


The movement of the integral blind is controlled by magnetic force transmitted through the glass via two rotating magnets. Both magnets are “rare earth” type magnets specifically manufactured for this type of application. Magnets are heat resistant (up to 248°F) and have a usable life expectancy in excess of 100 years. This exclusive magnetic design is patented worldwide.


All integral blinds are available in “tilt only”, as well as “lift and tilt” type operation.
Size limitations do apply. Factors influencing the available unit size are:

  • Minimum width: 12"
  • Minimum height: 12"
  • Maximum width: 80"
  • Maximum height: 106"
  • Aspect ratio (relationship of width vs. height).
  • Blind units can be produced significantly larger in “tilt only” blinds compared to “lift and tilt” blinds.
  • Thickness of the interior glass. As the interior glass becomes thicker, the greater the loss of magnetic force that transfers through the glass. Consequently, this reduction in the magnetic force, impacts the overall unit size that can be produced.

Blind operation:

  • Tilt only type operation – single control (model SL20A) - defines an integral blind that will strictly open and close. Operation is from one control point.
  • Lift and tilt type operation - single control (model SL 20C) - defines an integral blind that will open and close as well as lift.

Operator Options


Screenline integral blinds have a number of interior control operators. All operators are located in the upper right or left corner of the blind unit.  Shown below are the operator options available.

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Knob Operator


Round Operator Knob
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  • Used exclusively with "tilt only" blinds
  • Typically used in applications where the actual knob is located where the end user can conveniently reach the knob operator (usually 7 ft. or less from the finished floor)
  • Can be permanently adhered to the interior glass surface
  • Can be removed when operational accessibility needs to be limited
  • Available in a light gray finish only


Wand Operator


Wand OperatorWand OperatorWand Operator
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  • Used exclusively with "tilt only" blinds
  • Wand operators consist of the actual operator and a clear acrylic tilt wand
  • Typically used in applications where the operator is too high from the finished floor for a knob operator
  • Wand length can be up to 108" long
  • Wand operators allow the actual operation point of the blind to be at virtually any height (via the specified length of the tilt wand)
  • Wand operators are permanently mounted to the interior glass surface
  • Wand operators are available in a white finish only. The actual tilt wand is clear acrylic.
  • An optional magnetic wand retainer (as shown above) is available. This ensures the wand is always secured against the glass when not in use


Cord Operator


Cord Loop OperatorCord Loop OperatorCord Loop Operator
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  • Can be used on "tilt only" and "lift and tilt" blinds
  • Upper operator and lower cord tensioner are permanently mounted to the interior glass surface
  • Cord can be any desired length
  • Available in a white finish only



Blind Components


  • All screenline integral venetian blinds require a minimum .750” (3/4 inch) thick air space. The internal perimeter air spacer is aluminum. The air spacer finish is clear anodized.
  • The venetian blind slat is aluminum alloy 6010-T8. The actual slat size is .500 (1/2 inch) wide x .008 thick.
  • The head rail, bottom rail, and vertical side guide profiles are extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5.
  • All integral aluminum venetian blind components are color matched. All aluminum components are painted with polyester UV resistant low-emissivity paint.
  • All internal plastic components are made from high temperature, UV stable material.
  • All ladder tape and lift cord are thermally fixed polyester and UV resistant.

Glass Options


Screenline integral venetian blinds will work with most types of glass. Our standard insulated glass unit always consist of fully tempered inboard/outboard glass ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" thick.

The internal airspace is 3/4" thick (minimum). The overall insulated glass unit thickness varies from a minimum thickness of 1" (using 1/8" glass), to a thickness of 1 1/4" thick (using 1/4" glass).

Listed below are the typical types of glass incorporated into our insulated glass units:

  • Tinted tempered glass (bronze, gray, green, blue, etc.)
  • Clear tempered glass
  • Pyro-litic Low-e tempered glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Hurricane resistant glass
  • X-ray shielding glass
  • Bullet resistant glass
  • Fire rated glass (Not UL listed)

Note: As always, some exceptions do apply (code requirements, building inspector requirements, etc.). Therefore, we recommend that you contact us in the early design stages of your particular project. This process will allow confirmation pertaining to the viability of your particular application of integral blinds.

Listed below are the types of glass that Kyler Industries will not use in conjunction with the screenline integral venetian blinds:

  • Soft coat Low-e (or any type of soft coat coating)
  • Argon gas (or any type of gas – krypton, etc.)

If you wish to incorporate a type of glass into a screenline integral venetion blind unit that is not listed above, please contact us to confirm availability.


Blind Color Options


  • All blind components (head rail, bottom rail, blind slats, vertical side guides) are color matched
  • Screenline blinds are available in 7 different colors
    • 0069 Tan
    • 0102 White
    • 0125 Off white
    • 0149 Almond
    • 0155 Gray
    • 0157 Silver (similar to clear anodized aluminum)
    • 3000 Gold (reflective)

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Sample color swatches are available upon request.

Photo Gallery

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Magnetic Wand Retainer Magnetic Wand Retainer Blind Colors